Grading Registration

AG Martial Arts Southampton Summer Grading 2024!

🗓️ Saturday 15th June 2024

📍 Cantell School, Violet Rd, Southampton SO16 3GJ

💳 £25 per student

Book before 8th June 2024 to avoid a £10 late fee

🕟 Time Slots:

Infants 1 (09:30 - 10:00): 30 spaces (for white to yellow belts)

Juniors 1 (10:10 - 10:55): 45 spaces (white to yellow belts)

Infants 2 (11:05 - 11:35) 30 spaces (purple belt and above)

Juniors 2 (12:30 - 13:15) 45 spaces (purple to brown)

Juniors 3/Adults (13:30 to 14:30) 45 spaces (brown and above)

3 tags on belts are a requirement

🔴 Red (Ethos) Tag - Awarded for consistent attendance, respectful behaviour, and black belt attitude.

🔵 Blue (Fitness) Tag – Given for achieving a specific level of physical fitness, including strength and flexibility.

🟢 Green (Syllabus) Tag – For mastering the required techniques and knowledge for their level.

You can still book your grading, but you must have all tags by the grading date. If you do not achieve it by that date, a full refund is given. Everyone is recommended to book and secure their slot. Contact instructors for advice.

✅ On the Grading Day

Arrive early on the day, there is a large car park available on site. Report to the reception area and advise of any injuries at check-in.

Full AGMA white uniform is required; no casual wear. Parents can wait nearby but not in the grading room. Students later than 5 minutes will automatically be classed as a fail. Photos will be taken and shared on the day. If you have any issues, please contact your instructor.

🏅 Rewards and Recognition

Exceptional performers may receive distinction passes on the day. Otherwise results and belts provided in the next class.

🥋 Belt Progression

White ➔ Yellow ➔ Purple ➔ Orange ➔ Green ➔ Brown ➔ Blue ➔ Red Stripe

Infants have stripe belts in between. e.g. White ➔ Yellow Stripe ➔ Yellow

Note: Red Stripe belts and above have separate 3 hour advanced assessments.